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The Features

LPOS is a custom built City Card management system; designed by city pass operators, for city pass operators, and drawing on over a decade of experience. With its bespoke and flexible system that processes in excess of 1.5 million passes a year, LPOS offers innovative solutions in the City Pass market. Operating city cards in key international destinations; including New York, London and Paris, LPOS is responsible for over 6 million visits to world-wide attractions a year.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

  • Fully automated system manages the entire lifecycle of the pass from purchase, to usage, to invoicing
  • Know where all your stock is located
  • Eliminate mistakes in fulfilling orders
  • Hot-list cards that are reported lost or stolen
Ease of use

Ease of Use

  • Easy to use card readers
  • Flexible reader options including android devices and PC based readers
  • Quick, cashless transaction at attractions
  • Intuitive back office system
  • Live system giving you access to real time data on card usage
Manage Business Model

Manage Business Model

  • All the data and support you need to grow your City Card sales
  • Offers full tracking and profitability data
  • Compare profitability by agent, nationality and product type
  • Track usage down to the individual pass
Flexible System

Flexible System

  • Flexible product types – create special passes for congresses and events
  • Combine transport and sightseeing in one card
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Ongoing development program to incorporate emerging technologies

How it works

LPOS is a bespoke and flexible back-office system to help you manage your city pass. LPOS will track and regulate your cards from a business perspective, including stockist agents, orders and contacts; to a customer perspective, by monitoring attraction visits, redemption rates and fulfilment numbers.

Incorporating LPOS in your city card success will enable you to:

Manage Stock;
  • Monitor your stock levels, location and replenishment
  • Reduce your liability to fraud by ‘hot-listing’ lost or stolen cards
  • Online stock ordering and fulfilment with easy invoice creation
Manage Fulfilment and Redemption Processes;
  • Automated and intuitive process which simplifies requirements of staff and third parties
  • Provide real time data on attraction visits and card fulfilment
  • Webshop and Third party agent vouchers linked to individual card numbers
Manage Attractions and Contact Database;
  • Provide easy-to-use card readers in the form of a PC or Android system
  • Provide attraction with detailed customer tracking information
  • Negotiate better contracts based on accurate data
  • Simple invoice procedure by downloading visitor information
  • Comprehensive contact database for attractions and agents
Manage Business Processes;
  • Monitor usage rates and profitability of agents and sales channels
  • Control product lines
  • Automated system facilitates invoices and staff management
  • Cost effective card readers with real time data transfer and offline functionality
The London Pass city card, back

Key benefits

  • Tailor-made bespoke system
  • Drives sales growth
  • Delivers accurate, comprehensive information
  • Fully automated processes that benefit staff and time management
  • Enables flexible product development and tailored use per client and attraction
  • Allows for mobile ticketing and to combine both transport and sightseeing in one card

LPOS Users

Map of earth showing the cities that use LPOS
London Explorer Pass
The London Pass
The Paris Pass
The Berlin Pass
The Dublin Pass
The Barcelona Pass
The New York Pass
Las Vegas Power Pass
New Orleans
The Philadelphia Pass
The Stockholm Pass
The Prague Card
The Lyon City Card
The Copenhagen Card
The Antwerp Card
The Göteborg City Card
The Vienna PASS
The Helsinki Card
The Blackpool Resort Pass
Aarhus Card
Oslo Pass

Why choose Leisure Pass Group?

Leisure Pass Group (LPG) is a tourism specialist, operating city cards in four cities including London, Paris and Dublin. The company also partners with tourism organisations in 14 other tourist destinations, providing the LPOS system to power their city cards. This broad base of city card expertise, from operating successful city cards as well as from partnering with city card professionals gives LPG unrivalled knowledge in this field.

As the operator of highly successful city passes, with sales of more than 800,000 passes per year worldwide, along with the market leading LPOS system processing more than 7 million visits to attractions across eighteen cities every year, LPG has a wealth of expertise in the field of city sightseeing passes.

The Leisure Pass Group is made up of a dedicated team of city pass specialists and has, in turn, won multiple awards for its products. From launch in 2005, LPOS is now state of the art and ‘best in class’ and together with LPG can offer a flexible and bespoke back-office management system to help you drive sales and profitability and make the most of your customer data.

sales of more than
800,000 passes
per year.

Case Study
Gothenburg City Card

Göteborg & Co, the Visitor’s Board in Gothenburg, had invested in having a bespoke system built for them, to manage their city card. When this failed to meet their needs, and proved expensive to run, they launched a tender to find an alternative solution. LPG successfully won this tender in 2013.

One of the major challenges for Göteborg & Co had always been what to do with the city card over the winter period, when many of the attractions are closed. With LPOS they have been able to easily create a specific Low Season Card, with reduced entitlements, and a reduced selling price.

Gothenburg have also capitalised on the flexibility of the LPOS system by creating two bespoke versions of the Gothenburg City Card for the 2015 World Masters Orienteering Championship that was held in the city. These were sold in collaboration with the event organisation, and proved to be a great success.

The option of branded versions of the city card, with entitlements and durations to suit the nature of an event is a feature which Göteborg & Co now include within their marketing information when promoting Gothenburg as a host city for large events and conferences.

Gothenburg card
Photograph of Gothenburg

We have now been working with the LPOS system for nearly two years. We find the system extremely reliable and easy to work with when it comes to tracking reimbursements, commissions, stock inventory, vouchers and so on. It is a valuable tool when it comes to creating a healthy business model. The few times we have stumbled into problems LPG have been very attentive and always solved it quickly.

We have also used the flexible product builder module to create customised cards that have been sold to big events/congresses. It is amazingly easy to tailor the content and days to match the need of the buyer.

Karin Åman,
Project Manager Göteborg City Card

Case Study
Lyon City Card

The Lyon City Card was created by Lyon Tourist Office and Convention Bureau in 1998, with the aim of promoting and increasing visits to the city’s attractions, and to improve the accessibility of the city to tourists.

The original product was a cardboard card for the attractions, packaged together with a separate ticket for transport. The city card operated on a manual system, where attractions kept a record of how many visitors they received using the city pass and invoiced accordingly.

After a long period of discussion and negotiation, they came to an agreement with the transport company and local authorities to create a product which combined both the sightseeing element and transport within one card. At this point Lyon needed to find a system which could operate this for them, and after considering alternative suppliers, awarded the contract to LPG.

LPG’s core system was adapted to meet all of the requirements of the Lyon City Card – this included working in collaboration with Keolis, the transport provider, and Gemalto, the card manufacturer, to enable the RFID cards to be encoded with the entitlements for both transportation and sightseeing. A bridge was also built between LPOS and the Lyon City Card webshop to allow the transfer of order information.

The number of Lyon City Cards sold has increased solidly year on year since they started working with LPOS, growing sales by between 20-45% each year. In early 2015 Lyon moved across to the new LPOS Live Platform system. With this upgrade they now have enhanced reporting giving further valuable insight into customer behaviour in the city. They have also made use of the Flexible Product Builder – creating bespoke city cards for events such as the annual Lyon Festival of Lights.

Lyon card
Photograph of Lyon

Before we started using LPOS the Lyon City Card was a completely manual system. The only information we received about users was what the attractions reported to us. It was a very paper heavy and unreliable process.

With LPOS everything is controlled from one central system – from managing agent orders and distribution of stock, to seeing how customers are using their passes and thus tracking their journey around the city. The reports provided by the system have proved an excellent tool for tracking profitability of different sales channels and planning marketing campaigns.

LPOS is a reliable, easy to use system, and LPG have always been very flexible and accommodating with any additional requirements we have had for the system.

Olivier Occelli,
Director of Marketing at Lyon Tourisme & Congres

Case Study
Antwerp City Card

Antwerp Tourism and Congress launched a tender in 2012 to find a new systems provider for their Antwerp City Card. The Card was being powered by a platform designed for their A Cart residents’ loyalty card, which did not provide tools for redemption or fulfilment of orders, or analysis of usage rates. This meant that their processes were largely manual, and that their visibility of the usage and profitability rates of their different passes was minimal.

After competing in a detailed and highly technical tender process, the contract was awarded to LPG, who then worked closely with Antwerp Tourism and Congress to provide full training and a smooth transition to the LPOS system. A key selling point for Antwerp of the Live Platform System was the flexible sku builder, which allows them to create different versions of their city card, for specific clients, markets or events.

A particular challenge for Antwerp was persuading their participating attractions to accept a new piece of hardware on their admission desks, and a new operating procedure for their front of house staff to follow. The easy to use card reader applications provided by LPOS, coupled with the improved reporting provided to the attractions made this transition easy and straight forward.

Antwerp card
Photograph of Antwerp

The approach to this project was very straightforward, agile and practical. Our partner LPG know their solution very well and setup, configuration and go live went very smoothly. The solution was realised in a short amount of time

Robin Leyson,
Project Manager at Digipolis, working on behalf of the City of Antwerp

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